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RO undersink water system HWT-1100R
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Automatic Shut-off Valve, Flow Restrictor, Check Valve.
Stylish system cabinet.
Filter replacement on no tool system.
Complete 4~5 stage inlet cartridge filters (1/4).
On/Off middle valve, Drain minute controller valve.
1/4 inch Tubing for System Connection.
Completely Assembled.
100% Factory Tested and Sterilized Ready for Installation.


Faucet: Optional 
Water source: Tap water 
Water storage tank:  Optional 
Filtration system: As described below 
Connection: Use 1/4 inch one-touch fitting 
Power input: None 
Product size/Weight: "290(W) X 95(D) X 370(H)mm / 5Kg 
Packing size/Weight: "330(W) X 130(D) X 450(H)mm / 6Kg 
Producer/Manufacturer: Huwatech Co., Ltd 
Origin of the country: Korea 



For more about the product, please contact us at sales@huwatech.com

Thank you.





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